Monday, April 1, 2013

Closing a Chapter...

If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be a weepy mess when it was time to say our final goodbye's at Hillside, I would have thought you were crazy... and I would have been wrong! It is amazing how attached we (I) have become to the people there. They have walked with us through some of the most difficult days we have experienced as parents. And they did it in such a way that made us feel supported, like we were part of the team, and they helped equip us to continue on the road to recovery.

Mary has been out of the inpatient program for almost 3 months. She has worked her way down from 3 days of intensive outpatient therapy per week to final discharge last week. She is continuing to be able to use the skills that they have taught her. She encourages us to use those skills as well and will be the first to point out when we need to practice some things. She has had moments of frustration and she handles it in proportion to the situation. We continue to see her growing and changing and branching out of her comfort zone to try new things. I could not be more proud of her hard work and all the changes that we see in her.

Here are a few pictures of the final discharge day...


  1. Rejoicing. Thankful. Relieved. And so much more.

    Go, Mary!

    Marty D.

  2. Beautiful post, brought tears to my eyes. So glad she is doing so great and her experience there was so positive!