Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't Just Pray For Me...

..."Pray for the other kids who are in here with me!" That was Mary's answer last week when asked by a friend who was visiting her with us "What the biggest thing that she wanted people to be praying about?". She has such a heart for those around her who are hurting. Her biggest prayer concern right now is not for her own safety, her own comfort, or her own adjustment. It is for the other kids in her unit who are hurting and don't know Jesus. Oh that I could have such a heart for the hurting and lost!


  1. One time in talking to my daughter, I was bringing up many examples of people- famous as well as people I had read about through blogs etc, and I said- Aren't you glad you are not alone- her response floored me- she very emotionally said- "No Mom- I would never want any one else to go through this!" -- wow, these are such special, intuitive souls. If only they didn't have to suffer. Thoughts and prayers to you and your beautiful daughter,